1. The Levi’s® Loop Rewards loyalty programme (“Programme”) is operated and issued by Levi Strauss South Africa (Proprietary) Limited, registration number 1994/009168/07 ("Levi Strauss") or its subsidiaries in the Republic of South Africa.

2. I agree and understand that to fulfil my request, Levi Strauss will share information about me with affiliated and unaffiliated service providers some which may be outside of South Africa and in jurisdictions that have different privacy protections than I would have in South Africa, including without limitation, Levi Strauss & Co., located in the United States, subject to contractual obligations to protect my personal data and to process it on my behalf and under my control only.

3. I agree and understand that Programme updates may be sent to me via text/SMS* and/or email*. This will include Levi’s valuable product news, special offers, exclusive invitations and loop point status/information.

4. To be eligible to sign up for the Programme, you must be a resident of the Republic of South Africa and be at least 18 (eighteen) years old. You can join the Programme by simply making a purchase of any product in any Levi’s® Store within Republic of South Africa (excluding Levi’s® Outlet Stores), complete the application form and submit it to a sales assistant at the Levi’s® Store.

5. Loop Rewards points may only be earned and redeemed at Levi’s® Stores (excluding Levi’s® Outlet Stores) within Republic of South Africa in accordance with paragraphs 13 to 22 below. However, stores may be added or removed at Levi Strauss' discretion.

*Please note that double point promotions that are run for various promotions require a manual upload of points and will therefore not reflect immediately. Allow up to 5 weeks for the points to reflect.

6. Any abuse whatsoever of the Loop Reward card by any person constitutes an offence and Levi Strauss reserves the right to cancel such person's membership and withhold all Loop Reward points from her/his account. Incorrect or invalid cards or card numbers will not be awarded Loop Reward points.

7. Being registered as a member of the Programme irrevocably signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions. Levi Strauss, its organisers, promoters or agencies do not bear any responsibility or liability for any loss, damages, injury, accident, death or asset damage howsoever arising from inclusion or participation in the Programme.

8. You may cancel your membership of the Programme at any time by calling Levi Strauss on 086 000 5667. When exiting the Programme you will forfeit any points already earned but not yet redeemed.

9. Upon death of a member of the Programme, written notification must be provided to Levi Strauss, upon receipt of which the account will be closed and the points forfeited.


10. The Loop Reward card is issued by and remains the property of Levi Strauss or any of its subsidiaries or associated companies. Levi Strauss reserves the right to decline, issue and withdraw the Loop Reward card at any time.

11. The Loop Reward card is not transferable.

12. Your Loop Reward card cannot be used as a credit, gift, debt or guarantee card.

13. If you lose your card, this must be reported at any Levi Strauss store where the lost or damaged card may be replaced free of charge. Customers may also call the Call Centre to report a lost card: Levi Strauss on 086 000 5667.

14. Loop Reward points attached to the lost/blocked/defaced card can be transferred to your new card. If the Loop Reward points attached to the card have been redeemed in store before the card is blocked, there can be no recovery of Loop Reward point's value. Levi Strauss cannot be held liable for the loss of Loop Reward points.


15. To earn Loop Reward points for transactions, you must present your Loop Rewards card at a Levi Strauss point of sale prior to your purchase being rung up at such point of sale. If no Loop Reward card is presented or your card is presented after the purchase has been rung up, Loop Reward points will not be earned for the transaction. Furthermore, it is not possible to earn Loop Reward points retrospectively for transactions in the past where the Loop Reward card has not been presented or has been presented after the purchase has been rung up.

16. For every R2.00 (two South African Rand) spent on any purchase at Levi’s® Stores you earn one Loop Reward point. Loop Reward points will be determined according to the Net Purchase Price. Net Purchase Price means the total purchase price of the item/s purchased less any discount received on such item/s. Where general discount (as opposed to discount specific to an item) applies to a total transaction, the discount will be pro-rated based on the value of each item/s purchased for purpose of allocating Loop Reward points.

17. Loop Reward points will be reflected on your Loop Reward card within two (2) days of your purchase.


18. Only after accumulating a total of 100 Loop Reward points and thereafter in increments of 100 points each may such Loop Reward points be redeemed at Levi’s® Stores (excluding Levi’s® Outlet Stores). Each 100 points accumulated on your Loop Reward card is redeemable as a R10.00 (ten South African Rand) discount on your next purchase. You may be required to produce your South African ID in addition to your Loop Reward card for verification purposes when redeeming your Loop Reward points.

19. Levi Strauss reserves the right to change the conversion value of the Loop Reward points at its discretion. Levi Strauss will notify Programme members in advance if such change should occur.

20. Loop Reward points earned will be valid whilst the member actively participates in the Programme. Levi Strauss will be entitled to close any Loop Reward account that has been inactive (no Loop Reward points earned) for a period of 12 (twelve) consecutive calendar months. Loop Reward points attached to closed accounts will be forfeited. You will receive a notification via the valid email account and/or phone number provided by you to Levi Strauss one calendar month prior to expiry and a final reminder one week prior to expiry of such Loop Reward points.

21. Loop Reward points are not exchangeable for cash or gift vouchers. In case of returns:
a. Loop Reward points earned in respect of the item returned shall be deducted from your Loop Reward points balance on your Loop Reward account;
b. Loop Rewards points redeemed as discounts (“Discounts”), if any, in a transaction where the item/s is later returned, will be attributed to the remaining item/s purchased in such transaction which are not returned. If the value of the remaining item/s is less than the Discounts, the surplus Discounts will be converted back to Loop Reward points and credited to your Loop Reward account.
c. Returns are subject to Levi Strauss' return policy.

22. Your Loop Reward points may not be used for account payments (if applicable).

23. Your Loop Reward points balance can be viewed (1) online on Levi Strauss' website at www.levi.co.za/loop; (2) printed out by a sales assistant at any Levi’s® Store; or (3) given to you when you call 086 000 5667.

24. No customer will receive cash money from the Programme.


25. Levi Strauss shares your personal information with Levi Strauss & Co., its affiliates and/or its franchisees (collectively, the “Levi’s® Group”) as well as third party service providers (“Operators”) who are tasked with operating the Programme. Entities within the Levi’s® Group and the Operators may be located outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa. Personal information includes but is not limited to demographic and contact data, purchase history and other information collected from or about you when you engage with the Levi’s Group or its Operators online or in-store. The Levi’s Group may collect, use, process and disclose your personal information for direct marketing, administrative and statistical analysis purposes, including without limitation, to send you news, offers, promotions or other information about brands owned or marketed by members of the Levi’s Group (“Levi’s® Information”) as well as information about the Programme.

26. In the event that you wish to update your information, manage your communication preferences, including opting-out from receiving Levi’s® Information, (a) email us at loopsa@levi.com; (b) call 086 000 5667; (c) log into your Loop Reward account on the Levi Strauss website at www.levi.co.za/loop; or (d) email us at MBXprivacy@levi.com.

Other Conditions

27. Levi Strauss reserves the right to alter or amend the terms and conditions of the Programme or to terminate the Programme, subject to notification being provided to you via SMS or email at least twenty (20) working days prior to the aforesaid action taking place.

28. Should Levi Strauss terminate the Programme for any reason whatsoever, you will be duly notified and have the opportunity to spend your Loop Reward points within three (3) months of the date of the termination of the Programme.